Fullform frequently asked questions

Fullform frequently asked questions

No we don't, we use our own AI.

GPT3 is a good model, but has number of limitations, mostly imposed.

GPT3 requires a human interaction and limit the number of characters the AI can look back to generate new content, and the number of generated words is also limited.

We wanted to generated a full article, or automatically generate wordpress content, you can't do that with GPT3.

We have created a specific AI to each topic, so instead of being jack of all trades master of none, our model is an expert on the topic.

Right now we support: Marketing, Health

Our AI can write about other topics, it will have a style bias:

  • Marketing - Article style will be a listicle or a list of options.
  • Health - Article style will be more problem description and how to solve it.

It can take anywhere from three minutes to one hour, the reason is that it takes multiple AI generation to get the content right.

If you plan to use over 5 million words a months with this topic, contact us, and we will discuss it further.

The time to generate 150 words (like most AI engines does today) is quite fast, and it takes 5 seconds. When you increase the word count the time increases exponentially because the AI has to stay in context. Generation of 1000 words without correcting the AI takes 3 minutes. Our engine also detects when the AI starts to repeat itself, it deletes that part and tries again which can take up to an hour.

Contact us for more information regarding the API

AI text generation is a new field, and the law is not settled on the mater, so we don't know.

We do grant you the rights to use the generated text as long as it doesn't violate our EULA.

Our AI is not a spinner, it generates original articles.

If you run a plagiarism checker you'll get a score of 0%-10%.

The detection is mostly generic senteces that are common in the English language and not a copy from other sites.

Each run will generate a completely new article.

You can try to adjust the title to be more specific, or generate the article again.

Our AI models were trained on real data, but AI can "lie", you should validate the factuality of the generated article.

You should consult with Freepik's license and terms, we take not responsibility if you decide to use the images.

The only one to know is Google, you should read their terms.

The articles are not SEO optimized. But even if you optimize the articles, we don't know if it'll rank.

WordPress repository rules requires that a plugin will work without any trial limitations, with a freemium model there's a need to maintain two sets of plugins, a free one and a commercial one. We decided to focus on just on the commercial version.

Yes, we count word usage, you can use as many sites as you want. Infact one of the reasons we built the plugin is to auto power many PBN or money sites.