Fullform WordPress AI content creation plugin install and deployment instructions

Fullform WordPress AI content creation plugin installation guide



The Fullform WordPress AI content creation plugin is not part of the WordPress repository because the repository disallows trialware.

You can download the plugin here: Download the plugin

We also have an instructions movie you can watch here.

Step 1 - Install a new plugin

In your wordpress dashboard press on: Plugins -> Add new (on left panel) and then Upload plugin on the top.


Step 2 - Browse for the plugin

Press on Browse and select the plugin zip file you downloaded.


Step 3 - Upload the plugin

After you selected the plugin, press Install now.


Step 4 - Activate the plugin

After WordPress installed the plugin, press Activate to activate the plugin.


Step 5 - Settings page

You will automatically be redirected to the settings page where you will need to put your email and token.


Step 6 - Get the token

You can get the token by registering for free in this site, after you registered, login to the site and press on the API Token link.


Step 7 - Copy the token

Copy the token from the token field.


Step 8 - Set the token

Paste the token in the API Token field, and press Test API to see the token is valid.


Step 9 - Save the data

The email in the settings page is optional, it is used to email errors, once you are done press Save.


Step 10 - Work with the plugin

Now all is set, you can start genereting AI content.